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The Native Alaskan Businesses That Are Here to Stay

The State of Alaska is one of the most diverse areas in the nation. The people that call this area home call it home for its breathtaking scenery, unique culture and the passion for sport, outdoor activities and adventure. In fact, there are many types of Alaska businesses that have come from the many different native tribes and families that settled on the land in search of new ways to make a living.

One type of Alaska business is the fishing business.

The natives are passionate about fishing and they love to share their stories and capture the beautiful weather in their words. The traditions are so strong and preserved that many of them will never ever visit another country to take part in the vacation. These are native Alaskan businesses that represent the passion and excitement that they are known for.

Another Alaska business is called Alaska Airlines. The corporation itself started as a charter service to take tourists to the Alaska coastline. But, now they have expanded into a wide variety of other services including accommodations, flights, transport and hotels.

The remaining type of Alaska business is the tourism industry. In fact, some of the more popular types of this industry are the cruise ship that visits the various ports of call and the car ferry that travels between many Alaska ports. And, of course, there are the numerous sea kayak tours that take place across the coastline of Alaska.

The Native Alaskan businesses all depend on each other for the large chunk of their budget. For example, the fishing industry depends on the shipbuilding industry for the materials needed to complete their boats. Without the ships the fishing communities would not be able to function.

Fishing can be a very serious business, and many of the natives to work long hours with little rest. And, sometimes, weather can be terrible during the summer months.

How do these businesses afford to support the great deal of work that they do?

They need to find other ways to get around the community of Alaska. When Alaska airlines decided to expand into the tourism industry, they found a way to do so without cutting into their main business.

Because the boat building industry can save money by using their boats as transit vehicles, the auto ferry corporation found a way to work with them. And, because of the safety regulations, this means that even though many of the natives have cars, they don’t need to use them for transportation as much as they used to. This works out to a huge savings for the natives and a big plus for the companies that have to hire someone to handle the many tasks required to keep the whole community moving.

There are other examples of Alaska businesses that have made the decision to join the great tradition of their native state. Take, for example, the Chamomile Tea Factory. The Native women of Alaska, who make the beautiful Chamomile tea that is so popular, could not possibly survive without this business.

Even though the business was located in Massachusetts, it became a traditional Alaskan one and grew to be quite successful. And, because they were so successful, the owners of the business decided to expand the business to include the internet.

  • But, the future is still very bright and the people of Alaska are as passionate about their traditions as they have ever been.
  • The Alaskan Native communities have shown that they can continue to make the wonderful decisions that they have made since time began.
  • And, even with the difficulties they have had in the past, the communities continue to thrive in spite of their circumstances.

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